writer | editor | publicist


Nomadic by nature, yogi by heart + creative by trade, 
over the last half a decade Emma Cunningham has been around the globe creating lifestyle-related content, practicing + studying yoga, + writing for a variety of national + international publications, Fortune 500 companies, ad agencies + lifestyle brands. 

Emma's work has taken her across the vast plains of Mongolia, through The Great Indian Desert on the back of a camel, sky high in hot air balloons in Turkey, to the shores of the Caribbean teaching yoga, providing hurricane relief + beyond. 

Throughout her written bodies of work, Emma translates a dynamic worldview with an unforgettable creative approach + tone that leaves her readers feeling inspired.

Whether she is writing about underlying social issues, telling a story from her own personal travels, or drafting an email newsletter; she is able to find + reveal the art behind whatever idea or concept that is put in front of her.
Emma studied Journalism + Creative Writing at the University of Wisconsin. She is currently based in
Los Angeles, CA.