T E A C H   A B R O A D

I always thought I was meant for a ​very different life and job. I never imagined I would one day travel the world while teaching my native language.

Many people ask me when I will return back to a "normal life" & the answer is NEVER. I found my path & no amount of normality, judgement, homesickness, danger or obstacle will deter me from it.

When you love something so much, your passion becomes unstoppable – it's all you can see and hear. It takes over and works through you and suddenly you find yourself craving the next exotic location and language where you can learn to say, "I love you,” to the cutest, most innocent children alive and laugh your way through the confusion together day after day.

English is never something I'll be able to look at as "just another part of my job". It's surreal, it's a privilege & it's completely extraordinary.

Each child, each lesson, each location is a standalone experience that I will never forget – & I will always remember it's because I took a chance on myself to say "yes" to this expat world & to leap before I looked.​​​

Teaching English is one of the most common and traditional ways to work abroad and there are over 100 countries to choose from. I taught in South Korea for one year and next will be heading to Vietnam to continue on with my ESL excursion. I have also dabbled with teaching ESL online. I constantly receive emails & messages from people curious & interested in taking the big leap themselves. So I’ve put together a complete guide on how this whole expat life works!

If you are interested in this guide or have questions on how you can get yourself abroad, or would like various other ESL insight,

PLEASE EMAIL ME AT:   hello@foremmayoung.com .

Please note the advice and information given is based on my experiences, and what I’ve gathered and learned along the way — situations and circumstances differ case by case and country by country. 

                                                                                                                                                       xx   Emma