C O N S C I O U S  B A Z A A R

Traveling to some of the most pristine & pure places in the world has made me want to, desperately, do better for it. Experiencing how my body & mind reacts to vastly different environments, foods, cultures & what I feed both of these things with has made me second guess everything. And after living in a blanket of pollution in places like Hong Kong & Seoul, to seeing the stunning beaches of Bali, Sri Lanka & Spain covered in human trash, waste & plastic — I really can’t find the words to say about it all other than it’s just SO, so F$%#@&!!! 

Originally, my plan for this little nook on the inter web was to share & sell some of the treasures & trinkets I found in the countries I traveled to, including handmade items from local artisans, with 50% of profits going towards charity. I felt like it could make some sort of impact that was bigger than myself & ultimately a way to give back. However, I found that the source of the planet's healing lies in the choices we make & the things we use every single day, not just towards one single purchase. So as a conscious creative, naturalist & traveler passionate about my playground, I’ve decided promoting ethical choices & brands that are sustainable, eco-friendly, & well..relevant, would be the best way to fundamentally “do better”. 

The For Emma Young Conscious Bazaar is an online store promoting brands in the fashion, yoga, travel, hospitality & beauty industries that advance all-natural, social & environmental conscience. This platform (& my honest use of these products) is how I feel I am putting my small dent in the world to do better for it, & encourage others to do the same.

Everything from the ingredients to the packaging of these products have been heavily researched & reviewed. They are brands that are made with repurposed or recycled materials, have transparent business practices, consist of natural + non toxic materials towards both the environment & your health, they are made with intention & give back to a cause, organization or community.



Do you know of any eco-friendly brands that should be given recognition?
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