For Emma Young

 traveler  |  creator  |  storyteller

     ​​​​​​​​​​​Columbus believed that something else was
                out there; there was something more. 

  McCandless thought civilization was poisoning. Freedom
           & the simple beauty of the world
                                              was all he needed.

                  I travel to feel something. 

     I'm addicted to surreal destinations & often find myself chasing moments that don’t feel human.

  I’ll over-caffeinate, over-book, & over-spend to get myself to these destinations + moments..
     but when I mange to arrive, everything clicks & feels within my grasp.

            & it is an achingly pure euphoria, something
 far bigger than myself...

   The following images & text are a product of these
         moments, visions, destinations & memories for
                          all to read & undergo with me.